Research Projects
Shuxiang Zhang – PhD | advising with supervisors Yun Sing Koh and Gill Dobbie
Vamsi Krishna Reddy Mannam – MSc (Research) | co-supervising with Yun Sing Koh
Sirui Lu – BSc (Hons) | co-supervising with Yun Sing Koh
Owen Meyer – MProfStuds | co-supervising with Joerg Wicker
Josh Bensemann – MProfStuds | co-superivsing with Joerg wicker
Francis Tang – BSc (Hons) | co-supervised with Yun Sing Koh
Masoumeh Shariat – MProfStuds | co-supervised with Joerg Wicker
Daniel Coats – BSc (Hons) | co-supervised with Gill Dobbie | Top BSc (Hons) of 2018
Josue Espinosa – CS 380 | co-supervised with Gill Dobbie

Internship Projects
Aravind Gopal – working at BraveNewCoin
Neha Yadav – working at Fletcher Building
Mingshuang Wu – worked at Compucon
Tingyu Zhang – worked at Compucon
Mingxuan Liu – worked at UoA ITS
Wilson Wu – worked at Freighthub
Xin Chen – worked at UoA ITS
Gautam Kumar – worked at The Warehouse Group
Yueyuan Tan – worked at Compucon
Rose McColl – worked at Theta | Callaghan Careers Grant | Top MIT of 2017
Alisha Thakker – worked at Theta
Madhura Santhapadavu – worked at UoA
Akshar Vijay – worked at UoA